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Why the change

Times change, and we must change with them. New knowledge becomes available, new methods emerge, and best practices evolve from our previous experiences.

A major re-development of the program, the structures for delivering it, the teaching methods and the assessment began in response to this thorough and thoughtful study.

The key improvements that are being made to the program include:

                    We will place a greater emphasis on practical skill development at every stage of an umpire’s career path. We have learned that umpires under-practice and over-compete, thereby making it extremely difficult to master particular skills and techniques. The re-design of the system will provide umpires with greater opportunity to practice these skills and techniques throughout their educational journey.

                    Advancement will be based upon demonstration of competency vs. years of service or amount of experience. Certification will be based on a proven ability to do versus simply to know.

                    The program structure will provide training that accommodates the differences between types of umpires, and environments in which these umpires work.

                    Umpire training will be based on proven best practices and researched methodology, and will be available to all Canadian umpires, regardless of where they live or the resources available in their geographical location.

                    Certification will more accurately reflect an umpire’s chosen developmental pathway and will also reflect an umpire’s demonstrated current competency level.


Details about the new certification system are being finalized and will be communicated soon via this site.

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