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A new structure for the NUCP

The NUCP is in the process of changing from its current level structure. There will still be five levels, but there will be sub-levels at each level, and competency will need to be demonstrated in order to advance. An umpire will have a Training, Trained, or Certified designation that accompanies his/her level.

The current NUCP program provided a rough framework for umpire development. The framework provided basic structure, but the “meat and potatoes” of the program varied greatly from province to province, often dependant on human and financial resources available. The transformation to a nationally developed and administered program will be based on collaborative efforts from across the country, as well as educational research and established best practices. The new NUCP program should provide for equal opportunity for all umpires across the country to receive high-level, standardized training that will help them to achieve their goals, regardless of where they live.

Training will be specific to a particular chosen pathway and umpires will have the flexibility to choose their path based on personal goals and provincial and national needs. Enhancements and value-added training will be implemented at every stage of development. We will also incorporate technology to make the learning process more effective and exciting.

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