Dick Willis Memorial Award - Umpire of the Year

This award recognizes Canada’s official of the year for their outstanding contribution and umpiring of the game of baseball. Eligibility for this award begins when Baseball Canada receives nominations from Provincial Umpires Associations. Criteria for nominations require the individual to be a certified Level IV umpire; to have involvement in the local and provincial umpire organizations and to be an active umpire during the year of nomination.

2018 Winner

Guillaume Smith-Desbiens from the province of Quebec is the recipient of the Dick Willis Memorial Award for 2018. This award recognizes Canada’s official of the year for their outstanding contribution and umpiring of the game of baseball. A level 5 umpire and Senior Course Conductor, he was involved in the provincial level 3 clinics and National Program clinic. He is a member of the Baseball Quebec umpiring excellence program where he acts as a crew chief and a supervisor. His skills as an umpire are recognized and he was assigned to umpire the finals of both Elite Junior and Senior leagues. He was assigned to his first international assignment at the Americas COPABE U-18 Baseball World Cup Qualifier in Panama.  

Past Winners

Congratulations to all of our past winners, a truly remarkable collection of people who have contributed to umpiring and umpire development in Canada:

2017 – Scott Mills (SK)

2016 – Jim McMillan (ON)

2015 – Rob Allan (BC/C-B)

2014 – Rhonda Pauls (BC/C-B)

2013 – Andrew Downs (NS/N-É)

2012 – Jon Oko (AB)

2011 - Trevor Grieve (ON)

2010 – David Cass (NB)

2009 – Andrew Higgins (NB)

2008 – Derrick Dubell (MB)

2007 – Rocky Nickel (SK)

2006 – Blair Hains (ON)

2005 – Corrie Davis (AB)

2004 – Lisa Turbitt (ON)

2003 – Yves Poulin (QC)

2002 – Ray Merkley (ON)

2001 – Ron Shewchuk (MB)

2000 – Ted Derpack (AB)

1999 – Brian Hodgson (MB)

1998 – René Provencher (QC)

1997 – Don Gilbert (ON)

1996 – Dave Buckingham (NL/T-N)

1995 – Derek Lloyd (NS)

1994 – Robert Bellerose (QC)

1993 – Glen Johnson (MB)


Kahunaverse Sports Umpiring Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an umpire which has officiated for many years and has been an ambassador of the Baseball Canada Umpires Program. The candidate must have officiated or supervised in at least 15 National and/or International Events, and made a significant contribution to the structure of umpiring in Canada which may include but not limited to: mentoring, evaluating, instructing, course conducting, sitting on national committees and supervising.

2018 Winner

This year, the recipient of this prestigious award is David Buckingham of Newfoundland and Labrador. For 41 years, he strived on the field as an umpire. He also played for 20 years. He was a member of the umpire development program in his province where he shared and transmitted his passion for umpiring with others as an active course conductor. He umpired in 12 National championships and he also supervised 7. He was assigned to 2 international tournaments. The highlight of his career was the Pan-American Games in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1999.

Past Winners

2016 – Dennis Ryan (ON)

2015 – Yves Gagnon (QC)

2011 - Larry Nicholls (MB)

2010 - Don Gilbert (ON) & Len Bell (SK)

2009 - David McManus (NB)

2007 – Howard Chapman (BC)