For local and provincial umpire uniform requirements, consult with your assignor or supervisor.

For Baseball Canada Championships, the following umpire uniform expectations are enforced:

  • *Hat- BLACK with Baseball Canada logo
  • *Umpire Jersey - BLACK  with Baseball Canada logo is to be the primary shirt.  POWDER BLUE shirts with Baseball Canada logo are optional.  The Plate Umpire is permitted to wear a long-sleeved BLACK jersey with Baseball Canada logo
  • Undershirt - With Black Jersey, RED or BLACK undershirts are permissable with all members of the crew wearing the same colour undershirt.  With Powder Jersey, BLACK undershirts are required.
  • Jacket - BLACK jacket with Baseball Canada logo.  If jackets are worn, all base umpires on the crew must wear the jacket (plate umpire may choose to wear short or long sleeved jersey).  Plate coats with no crests and no numbers may be worn by the Plate Umpire only.
  • Umpire Pants - CHARCOAL GREY is required.  Heather Grey pants were phased out by the 2020 Championship Year
  • Socks - solid colour, NAVY BLUE OR BLACK
  • Shoes - BLACK – (small white logo/accent on shoe is acceptable)
  • Ball bag (Plate Umpire) - solid BLACK with no visibile logos of any kind
  • Belt - BLACK leather

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Umpiring Game Crews must be dressed in the same manner (i.e. everyone wears the same color hat and jersey.) If wearing jackets, the base umpires must be identical in whether or not s/he wears one. The plate umpire still has the option. 

Indicators – plate umpire only is to utilize an indicator during the course of a ball game.