Umpire Evaluation Process

Umpires are provided with detailed evaulations of their performance, both as a requirement of entry to the National Program, and at all National Championships.  Future umpiring assignments at the national level are based upon these performance assessments.
Identifying Umpiring Competencies
The Supervisor and Evaluation Lead shall be responsible for creating and regularly updating a list of performance expectations for nationally certified umpires.  
These expectations shall be outlined in an Umpire Evaluation Matrix, which is a competency-based rubric allowing both umpires and supervisors to gain a detailed understanding of umpire performance expectations.
The Supervisor and Evaluation lead will also be responsible for creating and maintaining any supplemental resource material, such as Positioning Manuals and learning materials, as he/she deems necessary to support umpires and supervisors in gaining a full knowledge and understanding of the expected competencies for a nationally certified umpire.
Umpire Performance Assessment
At least one Championship Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor will be assigned to assess umpire performance during each round-robin game of a National Championship.  Supervisors will be guided by the Umpire Evaluation Matrix as created and updated by the Supervision and Evaluation Lead (see above).
Umpires will receive detailed supervisory feedback at the conclusion of each round-robin game, and will be informed of their performance level within the Evaluation Matrix.
At the conclusion of every National Championship, each umpire will receive a summative evaluation form indicating their overall level of performance for the Championship, which will determine their assignment eligibility for future National Championships.
Relationship Between Umpire Assessment and Eligibility
A Level 4 or 5 nationally certified umpire is eligible to be assigned to any level of Baseball Canada Championship within the same category (Minor or Major) as their most recent performance assessment.  The chart below clarifies the relationship between recommendation and eligibility.

Lead Supervisor Overall Assessment at Most Recent National:

Eligiible to be assigned in future to:
MInor 13U, 15U, 16U Girls, 18U, Canada Cup, 21U, Women's
Major 21U, Senior Men's, Canada Games
Supervisor Evaluation
The Lead Championship Supervisor will be responsible for assessing the performance of each Championship Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor.  Lead Supervisors will be guided by the Supervisor Evaluation Matrix as created and updated by the Supervision and Evaluation Portfolio Lead