Rules and Manuals

Play in Baseball Canada sanctioned leagues and tournaments is governed by the Official Rules of Baseball, with specific modifications that exist for reasons that include the age of participants, the nature of amateur sport, and Canada's unique climate. 

Below are links to the relevant rule documents that govern Baseball Canada play.  

1. 2024 Official Rules of Baseball - Baseball Canada play for the 2024 season is governed by the 2024 Official Rules of Baseball, except for the modifications outlined in the supporting documents below.

2. 2024 Rule Change Summary - The 2024 changes to the Official Rules of Baseball, as summarized in this document, have been approved for Baseball Canada play in 2024, with the exception of Rule 5.10(m) which does not apply to Baseball Canada play.  In addition, minor changes have been made to Canadian Content and Baseball Canada Championship Rules.

3. 2024 Rule Interpretations - This document builds upon the Official Rules of Baseball. By providing supplementary explanations to the official rules, as well as multiple case studies, this document offers increased clarity and consistency to all officials across Canada.

4. 2024 Rules & Regulations for Baseball Canada Championships - This document outlines policies, procedures, and rules governing play at Baseball Canada Championships as well as outlines additions and exceptions to the Official Rules of Baseball for Baseball Canada play.  Rules that govern specific age categories are itemized, as well as rules that apply to all levels of Baseball Canada play.

5. 2024 Bat Rules Summary - This document summarizes Canadian content rules pertaining to bats.

6. 2024 Pitch Count



Positioning Manuals

These detailed manuals provide written description and diagrams illustrating approved umpire positioning and rotations for the various umpire systems used in Canada.  

Broken down by specific game situations, these manuals are an invaluable aid to umpires in developing proficiency in each system. 

2-Umpire Positioning Manual

3-Umpire Positioning Manual

4-Umpire Positioning Manual